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    The Limited liability company “Prylutsky Naftonalyv” is a dynamic rapidly developing enterprise which over the period of ten years has been actively engaged in transportation of petroleum products. Currently it is successfully operating not only on Ukrainian but also on European markets.

    The Limited liability company “Prylutsky Naftonalyv” is a progress oriented enterprise which is extending its capabilities and industrial potential. Today, the throughput capacity of the enterprise makes one hundred and ten thousand tons per month in terms of transportation and storage of crude oil and petroleum products. The highly skilled personnel of the enterprise are closely watching the parameters of the pumping equipment, thus securing stable and uninterrupted functioning of the requisite facilities. All functional units are continuously supplied with electric power. Such organization minimizes any disturbances which may occur in the course of transportation or storage of petroleum products.

    The principal objective of the enterprise consists in securing accident-free operation of the facility and timely delivery of petroleum products thus providing reliable support to our partners engaged in further development of their business segments. The achievement of this goal is made possible by high reliability of the station equipment as well as of the pipeline system.

    The mainstream activity guideline of the enterprise consists in increasing the volume of deliveries and obtaining the access to new regions. A primary attention is focused on upgrading the professionalism and expertise of our staff members as a prerequisite of further growth of industrial potential.

    The spectacular team effort, promotion of technological innovations, and deployment of new technologies allowed the LLC “Prylutsky Naftonalyv” to achieve a higher professional level. Today “Prylutsky Naftonalyv” has become a transport enterprise of high-tech class in terms of providing services thanks to exhaustive satisfaction the partners’ demands in pumping the feedstock. The LLC “Prylutsky Naftonalyv” is an environmentally friendly enterprise. It conducts its activities in a manner consistent with appropriate safety, health and environmental considerations. It protects the environment as well as the health and safety of its employees and of individuals in the surrounding communities.